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Hot Jewelry Trends For 2009

If you are one of those fashion conscious people who wants to be ahead on the new up and coming fashion looks, spring 2009 is holding a treat in colors and textures. The jewelry you choose will make a good style great. Whether style you choose to use, you are sure to be excited about all the options these new colors will give you.

What colors are going to be the rage this spring? It’s predicted that fuschia, salmon and greens – as well as yellows in various shades as well as the soft lavender look will be popular when the sun starts warming the ground. How do you use jewelry to make these colors pop?

Jewelry in 2009 will be statement jewelry. This can be a piece that works from wonderful to wacky, but geometric shapes and exotic, rich colors with prominent stones/gems are the look on the runway. How do you do this with your clothing? Last year, clothing was toned down to accommodate the jewelry. This year, wear both bold clothing and jewelry to give a memorable statement.

The coral and yellow colors give a warm palette offering. By using India as your inspiration, you can take beaded and etched metal to give a directional look to your clothes. The materials of choice for this are beads, mixed color threads, and worn “finished” metal.

Fashion jewelry is also offering chandelier earrings as a popular choice this year. This soft look will give a feminine touch to anything you wear. Combine this with any look for a sure hit. You can do this with an accent color, or use one of the bold new colors in your earring choice.

The new spring colors offer a great option for ring choices, as well. Wear a multi-colored stone ring to add bling to your outfit and versatility in clothing choices. This bold ring will please the eye and the pocketbook, since you will get such extensive use out of it.

This spring offers a great list of jewelry choices for you. Start looking now to find those perfect pieces. We all know that an outfit can be good, but it’s the accessories that make it great. Be bold in your statements and pick some great pieces.